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A love letter to ‘Saturday Night Live’

on March 10, 2014

Am I Watching Too Much TV?

Want to know one of my deep dark secrets? Kidding. This is really no secret, but I really love comedy. And I don’t mean like crappy Kate Hudson movies or anything by those idiots on MTV type of comedy. I’m talking about comedy in it’s originally intended form.

For example, my favorite TV show is “Saturday Night Live.” Of course, SNL is more than just a show to me. I’m not trying to sound corny here, I’m just saying that SNL has gotten me through a lot of lonely Saturday nights.

Most girls have horrible high school experiences. Mine usually involved sitting at home on Saturday nights while the friends I did have were having fun with their significant others or working. Please don’t feel sorry for me, though. High school is long over and I am a much happier person now. I have a wonderful group of friends now…

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