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Being generous with your time

on March 10, 2014

Craving coriander

“Be generous with your time.”  That statement sounds a little ambiguous, right?  And it could be interpreted a thousand different ways.  Today, though, I have a specific meaning in mind, and I’m going to share it.  

Last Monday, I started a new job.  I went to work for a small, independent insurance company that is a branch off of a larger one.  I was concerned, at first, knowing that it was going to be a commission only job, and I’ve never done sales before.  But they sold me on it, it sounded pretty good, and I took the job.  What I didn’t know was that my first week was going to be nothing but “cold calling.”  A.K.A. telemarketing, pretty much.  It sucked.  No, seriously, it was awful.  Because no matter how nice I was, how polite I was, I got yelled at, hung up on, and dealt with…

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