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Generosity: An Important Element of Profesionalism

on March 10, 2014

J Sanders: Avvocato Americano

More than past generations of students, students coming through college today want to become professionals.  I suspect this phenomenon is a result of helicopter parents and the extra pressure they feel from a long-term stagnant job market.

This current generation of students, in their pursuit of professionalism, have an ideal in mind.  They want to dress the part, they want to shake hands firmly, they want to build out impressive social media presence, and they want to have crisp, cotton paper resumes that would wow the President. I believe that one attribute they don’t think about enough is generosity.

It is excusable that they wouldn’t think of being generous at this point.  They are still the helpless ones, after all.  Although they participate in community service more than any other generation, they don’t make the connection between that element of their personal lives and their budding professional lives. I would…

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