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German crowdfunding platform Companisto expands across Europe

on March 10, 2014


Companisto , a German equity-based crowdfunding platform, has so far raised €4.5 million ($6.25 million) for the 25 startups it’s chosen to take on. Now it’s expanding with an English-language version that will allow submissions from startups anywhere in Europe, and investments from anyone around the world.

The expansion comes little over 3 months after Seedrs, a British rival, became the first equity-based crowdfunding platform to expand across Europe. Such platforms give the investor equity in the company, rather than one-off “perks” in the style of Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Like Seedrs, Companisto tries very hard to be VC-compatible – that is, it sets up its terms and conditions in a way that allows companies funded through its platform to easily go on to take follow-up venture capital financing. Co-founders David Rhotert and Tamo Zwinge (pictured) are both lawyers, and Rhotert told me careful wording meant Companisto was already “co-financing…

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