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Mr Peabody & Sherman try to find theater audiences on Netflix

on March 10, 2014


“Daddy, why don’t you believe me?”

My 6 year-old daughter was getting increasingly upset, and trying to explain Netflix’s (S NFLX) business model didn’t seem to do any good. The whole ordeal had started when she told me that she had seen an ad for the new DreamWorks movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman on Netflix. To which my obvious response as a media writer was: “Sweetie, there are no ads on Netflix.”

Well, guess what? My daughter was right; sort of. Netflix recently added a video titled DreamWorks Presents: Mr. Peabody and Sherman, A Journey WABAC to its catalog, which basically is a 22 minute-long promotional video for the studio’s new animated movie that opened in theaters this week.

The featurette tells us about the origins of the movie as part of the Rocky and Bullwinkle in the 1960s, its influence on movies like Back to the Future and of…

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