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“No greater threat to life on earth exists than the utter fools in Washington”–Paul Craig Roberts

on March 10, 2014


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

How long will the evil bastards who run this formerly decent nation allow Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to go on speaking the truth? Dr. Roberts exposes the lies and the conspiracies of the New World Order with every new article and every new interview he gives, a true saboteur.

You’ve heard of the New Economy Obama talks about? Dr. Roberts offers this rebuttal:

In the many years that I have been observing the monthly payroll jobs reports and the BLS’s future jobs projections, I have never seen even one of the “New Economy” jobs. They simply do not exist. Yet, the economics profession, an extremely deluded collection of morons, still believes in these jobs.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was a professional economist for 30 years and I agree with PCR’s assessment that economists are deluded and moronic.

After showing that the lastest news…

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