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Obamacare and Belarus– Follow the Money?

on March 10, 2014

Bryen's Blog News

Bill Gertz, one of the leading national security reporters in the United States, broke the story that the Obamacare web software was developed in part in Belarus.   Belarus became an independent country in 1991.  While on paper the country is supposedly democratic, in fact it operates as a kind of dictatorship where the military, police, government and media are controlled.  The OECD calls the country “un-free.  The U.S. relationship to Belarus is somewhat strained, but Belarus has been a way-point for supplies to the ISAF in Afghanistan.

Gertz raised the issue of possible backdoors planted in the software for the Obamacare system.  A backdoor would make it possible for personal information stored on an Obamacare site to be secretly collected by an intruder or hacker.  No one has yet determined whether the software provided has been corrupted, but as Gertz reported, U.S. intelligence agencies warned DHS of the potential…

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