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Quotes on Women’s Day

on March 10, 2014


You have heard and read so many quotes by so many famous people. Quote is something that can inspire you, can teach you, can make you work positively. Herein at VBeyond Corporation some Sayings/Quotes were shared on the International Women Day and most important thing is these quotes are said by Women of the Industry.

Teams at VBeyond Corporation Teams at VBeyond Corporation

Team Synergy (Oil & Gas)

Women are the symbol of power, God’s finest and beautiful creation, without whom NO creation is possible.     Pragya

Every home, every heart, every heeling moment of happiness is incomplete without women, only we can complete this world … happy women’s day.    Reena Pandey

The word ‘WOMEN’ comprises ‘MEN’ in itself.    – Priyanka

WOMEN –           Wonderful,Outstanding, Marvelous,Adorable,Nice.      Shivangi

Team Impact (IT/Analytics/ Market Research)

A woman is like a Tea Bag, you can’t tell…

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