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Slow-and-steady Afinia’s new 3D printer continues to get easier to use

on March 10, 2014


If MakerBot is the gregarious popular student, Afinia is the quiet kid who sits at the back of the class diligently putting out A-level work. The 3D printer maker revealed its newest H-series machine today, and while there aren’t any radical differences, it should offer the same steady reliability of older models.

The H480, which looks exactly the same as its predecessor, the H479, prints faster and comes with a heated print platform. It will ship at $1,599: the same price as the H479.

Afinia H380 3D printerThe two interesting improvements are what Afinia calls “auto leveling platform calibration” and “nozzle height detection.” Basically, the H480 will help users tackle some of the annoying, tricky calibration steps that desktop printers tend to require before every print job.

Disappointingly, auto leveling doesn’t actually mean auto leveling in this case. The user is still required to make sure their print platform is as level…

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