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Soon you’ll be able to IM your waiter for a beer and a dozen wings at your favorite sports bar

on March 10, 2014


It’s the Final Four of the NCAA Men’s Basketball, but you can’t flag down your waiter among the crowds of screaming University of Texas fans (yes, one day Texas will return to the Final Four) to order another pitcher of beer. Why not send him an instant message over the bar’s Wi-Fi network? Why not order another plate of nachos while you’re at it, and then close out your tab?

If your bar happens to be a Buffalo Wild Wings, then all of those things are now or will soon be entirely possible from the Samsung tablet at your elbow. Like many of the big of chain casual dining restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings is embracing the idea of the slate on the tabletop; not just as a means of offering up digital menus and ordering options, but also as an entertainment device.

Buzztime Tablet

But the difference between Buffalo Wild Wings and

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