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on March 10, 2014

Off the Mod

Consistency is a language.

My skill level? Intermediate, if you’re asking.  Or looking at my resume.  I can generally mimic the ‘sound’ of consistency.  Give me a text to translate and I’ll get the gist of what’s being said.  I might manage to fool you.  You might even tell your friends that I’m fluent.

But then I’ll slip up.  I’ll miss a detail or make an error in judgement so illogical that you will be utterly astounded.  These moments baffle my coworkers and bosses. How didn’t she see that?  I thought her attention to detail was spectacular!  I bragged to other people about it.

The problem: I hate the details.  Consistency bores me.  I find my imagination more intriguing.  Floating through more comfortable.  Medication and the discovery that everything takes so much longer to fix than to mess up trained me to catch those moments.  I can feel errors while…

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