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TheNeeds Brings Its Personalized News Reader To iPhone

on March 10, 2014


Newly launched iOS application TheNeeds is the latest attempt at offering users a better, more personalized news-reading experience with a service that focuses not only on your interests, but also how those interests evolve over time. The app, something of a competitor to the magazine-like Flipboard, or a community site like Reddit, helps to surface the best articles, blog posts, videos, social updates and more, then follows your interactions to see what sorts of things you’re actually reading and engaging with, versus what you’ve more explicitly stated your interests to be.

TheNeeds’ co-founders have been working on this idea over the past couple of years, but only moved to San Francisco last year. Co-founders Gabriele Pansa and Luca Albertalli met while working at Accenture doing management consulting, then soon brought on TheNeeds’ third co-founder Emanuele Cesena whose background in semantic technology, machine learning and security, helped to develop the service’s backend.

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