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This week in Bitcoin: Is Satoshi Nakamoto really Satoshi Nakamoto?

on March 10, 2014


In this week’s Bitcoin review,  we examine the (possible) unmasking of Bitcoin’s creator and the effect that the MtGox disaster is having on cryptocurrency worldwide.

Was Newsweek wrong?

On Thursday morning, Newsweek published an article that appeared to solve the mystery of Bitcoin’s elusive creator. His name really was Satoshi Nakamoto, although he had changed it legally to Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto, and he was a 64-year-old Japanese American who lived humbly in a house in Temple City, Cal. and collected model trains.

However, the backlash and doubt about the piece was swift. While some praised it as brilliant journalism, many questioned why a man who had been so careful to hide his identity and create an anonymous network didn’t use a pseudonym at all. Others were furious at Newsweek for “doxxing” or outing the life of a man who wanted to stay private.

Newsweek's cover on Satoshi Nakamoto Newsweek’s cover on Satoshi Nakamoto

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