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We Want Our Chevy Back YouTube Video (Video project)

on March 10, 2014

Samuel Stinson English 7970 e-Portfolio Ohio Univ


Reflection on the Composing Process for the Video Project “We Want Our Chevy Back”

This essay includes a discussion of the rhetorical situation and rhetorical goals of the short video project in English 7970.  I also include a discussion of the composing process I went through in creating this video.  This includes an overall discussion of how my individual composing process different from my creation of only the audio text in my previous assignment.  I then discuss how composing this video has helped me reach the rhetorical goals for the project and my individualized course goals.  I also reflect on how this project may influence how I might assign video compositions to my students.

Situation: This is a YouTube video that incorporates and appropriates footage from other online videos and texts.  The following discussion of the exigence, audience, purpose, and affordances and constraints helps to inform the rhetorical situation…

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