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Ingenia Recruitment Latest Vacancies 11/03/2014

on March 11, 2014

Ingeniarecruitment's Blog

Technician Positions

FT4234 Technician, Newcastle, £8.50ph-£11.00ph

FT4266 Technician, Darlington, £7.00ph-£9.50ph

FT4302 Technician, Sunderland, £8.50ph-£9.00ph

FT4304 Technician, Darlington, £8.00ph+, OTE £25k

FT4319 Technician, Newcastle, £8.00p.h.-£10.00p.h.

FT4329 Technician, Middlesbrough, £15.5k-£18k, OTE £20k-£21k

FT4357 Technician, Newcastle, £8.50ph-£12.00ph

FT4385 Technician, Darlington, £8.00ph-£10.00ph

FT4388 Technician, Teesside, £8.00ph-£10.00ph

FT4390 Technician, Durham, TBC

FT4394 Technician, Newcastle, £17k-£21k

FT4437 Technician, Stockton, £9.50ph-£11.00ph

FT4447 Motorcycle Technician, Gateshead, £10k, OTE £22k

FT4473 Technician, Redcar, £18,500 FT4480 Technician, Durham, £8.50ph-£9.50ph

FT4480 Technician, Durham, £8.50ph-£9.50ph, NEW

FT4483 Technician, Gateshead, £8.50ph+, NEW

FT4485 Technician, Harrogate, £8.00ph-£11.00ph, NEW

FT4486 Commercial Vehicle Technician, Washington, £11.50ph, NEW

FT4490 Technician, Guiseley, £25k-£35k, NEW

FT4495 Technician, Thornaby, £9.00ph-£10.50ph, NEW


Managerial Positions

FT4429 Commercial Sales Manager, Gateshead, £32k-£38k, OTE £50k

FT4493 Transaction Manager, Durham, £22k, OTE £55k, NEW


Sales Positions
FT4335 Trainee Truck Sales Executive, Durham, £14k-£15k, OTE £25k

FT4361 Fleet Sales Executive, Sunderland, TBC

FT4368 Sales Executive, Gateshead, £16k-£18k, OTE £35k+

FT4412 Sales Executive, Alnwick, £12k…

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