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Another model comes forward on Terry Richardson

on March 12, 2014


Another model has come forward on being allegedly sexually assaulted by sleazebag photographer Terry Richardson. My prior post on him here.

This report explains one of the manipulative techniques of Richardson–calling the girl a prude and telling her she needs to loosen up.   I’m glad to see a couple of models formerly photographed by Richardson are taking positive action against this predator.

And the question of the hour is…why do people, especially celebrities, who have a lot going for them, are intelligent and compassionate,  associate themselves with this manipulative exploitative creep?

He is a dark one.   He is beneath contempt.  Associating with him and promoting him is feeding the dark side, in my opinion. It’s saying that his behavior is acceptable…it’s okay.  And it’s not.

It’s a crazy experience to celebrate the female body as beautiful, and then degrade her because she’s a woman.  Crazy.

So much of what is…

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