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‘I’ll leave with better skills and more experience then I could have got anywhere else’

on March 12, 2014

The Parliamentary Academy

Imogen_Sadiq _Khan My name is Imogen and I work in Sadiq Khan’s Westminster office as a Parliamentary Apprentice with The Parliamentary Academy. 

I started working here last October after completing my final year at Graveney School sixth Form, a school in Sadiq’s Tooting constituency. There were a lot of options open to me at that time – I could have applied to university or further education, or I could have scrambled for the last of the pub and cafe jobs in my local area that many of my friends had already snapped up. I sat around considering my options until my Mum suggested I look for work in the field of politics, which I had always been interested in.

Typically, I ignored her for as long as I could. With so few jobs around anyway, who was going to employ me over older, more experienced graduates? But I needed to show her…

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