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Busy Bee

on March 18, 2014

A Journalistic Approach

This blog is the perfect testament to how extremely busy life as a college student is. I’m a writer and I don’t even have the time to actually write. Or prepare for an internship. Or find a job. And I graduate in two months, so think about how scared I am.

A few weeks ago during one of the editors’ meetings for our school paper, we realized that as students, school is preparing us for the “real world” without giving us anytime to experience the real world. I had an internship packet for Hallmark sitting on my desk for two weeks before I missed the deadline. Why? Because I was too busy writing papers for my classes that are supposedly beneficial to my future career.

This spurned an opinion piece for a recent issue of The Herald. It definitely isn’t my best piece of work, but then again, I only…

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