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Detroit’s Hardest Working City Rank

on March 18, 2014

104.3 WOMC has come up with a ranking of the hardest working cities. Data was collected from one million businesses nationwide, to establish a ranking for 50 cities.

Detroit ranks at the bottom of the list at number 49. I would think the fact that we have to hustle so much to keep our heads above water we would have a higher ranking.

Listen to my show 3-7p for listener reaction and locals ranking the other cities in our metro. See the national top 50 list below.


1. NEW YORK (65.91 hours)
2. LAS VEGAS (64.61 hours)
3. BOSTON (63.49 hours)
4. LOS ANGELES (62.85 hours)
5. SAN JOSE (62.59 hours)
6. PHOENIX (62.35 hours)
7. CHICAGO (61.54 hours)
8. INDIANAPOLIS (61.47 hours)
9. MINNEAPOLIS (61.20 hours)
10. OMAHA (61.00 hours)
11. RALEIGH (61.00 hours)
12. CHARLOTTE (60.87 hours)
13. MESA (60.83 hours)
14. SAN…

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