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Egg Crates (Not Those Kind)

on March 18, 2014

TaraByTheWay- the blog

My first official full-time paid job as a surgical tech was at a surgery center next to a hospital. That place was good experience. Partially because I was in neat cases, and partially because it was nutty and I learned to stand up for myself, and patient safety. But before it got to that point I was a rookie getting to know the people I worked with and the general rhythm of the place.

There was a receptionist I struck up a friendship with. One of those people who’s feisty at first, fiercely loyal when she knows you. And she had chickens. Lots of them apparently because a ton of us bought eggs from her. We got a good deal on the price, but we had to bring her egg crates. This kind:


Just remember this. It’ll be relevant in a minute.

Now there was this anesthesiologist. Nice guy. Also…

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