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on March 18, 2014

Live Free Or Die

Tell your highschooler, “Get a job. And then get another job. Do your jobs well. While you’re working, keep a watch out for a better job. Your standard of living is determined by how smart you are and how motivated you are to improve your life. It is up to you to advance on merit, and be worth more than you’re getting paid now. Slackers get fired.”

Are you still letting your 28 year old, unemployed daughter live with you?

How many people do you know who do not put any effort into finding a job? How many of them said they’re waiting to see if unemployment benefits will be extended or increased before they start looking for a job.

No slacker is entitled to anything.

We must stop subsidizing the healthy people who refuse to work, the people who put all their efforts into scamming the system (or scamming…

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