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Graduating…Now What?!?! Advice for Post College

on March 18, 2014


Legit I’m Graduating:

First thing first: Congrats on graduating soon, I know the feeling and it can’t be appropriately described on here, so i’ll leave it at that.

I’m graduating from College in one more semester and like you I have partied, gone on vacations for spring break and just enjoyed college like any college student. But unlike many of our friends, I’ve been thinking of what I sincerely want to do after college since pre-college. Ultimately recognizing what made me happy in life was what gave me direction. Directions, if you don’t already know, can be very resourceful!

If you really want some type of guidance after college then read This short article [legit 2-4 minutes], then come back and continue.

Now what?

  1.  Figure out what makes you content. You have a degree in your field of study for a reason- if you don’t like the field your degree is…

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