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Greening a business

on March 18, 2014

Green and Thrifty

Happy Pi Day! 3.14! Ok, so I’m a nerd. My son is one, too. He knows Pi to ten digits. Yeah, I’m raising him right.

Employment has been on my mind lately. I am in a bad position to get a job to put it lightly. I am beholden to whomever gives me a chance at this point. And I will be eternally grateful to whomever does. But, given the fact that many jobs are in the service industry or in corporate environments, how does one go about finding a green job or greening one’s workplace?

Green jobs can be obvious – work for a recycling plant or an environmental nonprofit. Green jobs can be less obvious – financial advisor who specializes in green investing. But most jobs just aren’t that green. Corporate jobs still use a lot of paper. Many places recycle it, but many places could benefit from…

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