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Grown up?

on March 18, 2014

columns from my fountain pen.

The time for my 26th birthday draws near.

It’s the sort of age you could never imagine becoming when you were a kid, isn’t it?

Yet I almost feel I’ve grown up more in these past two years than in the 20 before that. A lot is made at uni of “leaving home” and “flying the nest” but that’s not when it really happens.

Not in this age anyway – the era of the ‘boomerang generation’.

It happens when you take the plunge and properly move away. And when I say that I mean really trying to make it work on your own. Not with parents who buy their kids flats, pay their rent etc. That’s being spoilt.

It’s something I’ve been pretty shocked by since coming to London – the amount of spoilt little brats who seen to give themselves labels like ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘artist’.

I know that in the…

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