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How to ignore the wishes of 60 million plus people

on March 18, 2014

Living in Paranoid Times

By the 1980s the birth rate in the UK had fallen to just below replacement (average family less than 2 children). In other words our high population had stabilised. Social conditions were reasonable. Affordable, decent accommodation was still short supply, but there has never been a time in Britain when that was not the case. GP’s, hospitals,schools, public transport were tolerable. There was room for improvement. Rents, rates and utilities were affordable. Work was available if you wanted it. It was far from perfect, but people were managing and hoping things would get better.

Thirty years on how have those hopes been realised? Our population has increased by at least 2 million without any increase in housing, schools, hospitals, medical services, transport, or any part of the social infrastructure. The birth rate is above replacement. The most acute shortages are felt in housing and jobs. The cost of living has…

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