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I hate my job

on March 18, 2014

unaffiliated woman.

I took this position because there was nothing else. Last summer, I sent out resumes for jobs relating to my background: arts & culture, non-profits, communications, community stuff. I had a few interviews, but nothing materialized.

I wasn’t the only person in my circle of friends looking for work. But in some ways, my job search was more urgent than theirs. Most of them are married now, and can fall back on their partners’ incomes during the search period. Take my old classmate Mark: he puttered around for two years while his wife paid all the rent with her full-time salary. Then there’s Daniela, who spends her afternoons browsing university teaching jobs (while her husband is at work). And finally Marie, who is taking the time to target high-level government positions (while her husband is at work).

I, however, needed money immediately. Despite my squeaky-clean credit rating, my bank wouldn’t…

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