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Ingenia Recruitment Latest Vacancies 18/03/2014

on March 18, 2014

Ingeniarecruitment's Blog

Below are the latest vacancies posted at Ingenia. If you’d like more information or to apply simply visit our Alternatively you can call us on (0191) 4155010 or e-mail us at


Technician Positions

FT4234 Technician, Newcastle, £8.50ph-£11.00ph

FT4266 Technician, Darlington, £7.00ph-£9.50ph

FT4302 Technician, Sunderland, £8.50ph-£9.00ph

FT4304 Technician, Darlington, £8.00ph+, OTE £25k

FT4319 Technician, Newcastle, £8.00p.h.-£10.00p.h.

FT4329 Technician, Middlesbrough, £15.5k-£18k, OTE £20k-£21k

FT4357 Technician, Newcastle, £8.50ph-£12.00ph

FT4385 Technician, Darlington, £8.00ph-£10.00ph

FT4388 Technician, Teesside, £8.00ph-£10.00ph

FT4390 Technician, Durham, TBC

FT4394 Technician, Newcastle, £17k-£21k

FT4437 Technician, Stockton, £9.50ph-£11.00ph

FT4447 Motorcycle Technician, Gateshead, £10k, OTE £22k

FT4473 Technician, Redcar, £18,500 FT4480 Technician, Durham, £8.50ph-£9.50ph

FT4483 Technician, Gateshead, £8.50ph+

FT4485 Technician, Harrogate, £8.00ph-£11.00ph

FT4486 Commercial Vehicle Technician, Washington, £11.50ph

FT4490 Technician, Guiseley, £25k-£35k

FT4495 Technician, Thornaby, £9.00ph-£10.50ph

FT4500 Technician, Alnwick, £8.50ph-£10.00ph, NEW


Managerial Positions

FT4429 Commercial Sales Manager, Gateshead, £32k-£38k, OTE £50k

FT4493 Transaction Manager, Durham, £22k, OTE £55k

FT4496 Business…

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