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Is Age a Game Changer?…

on March 18, 2014

Mktg Lottie

age image

As the roar of the crowds get louder, the competition gets hotter, and as the eager subs wait eagerly in the wing warming up for their next big break, graduates throughout the world anticipate the blow of the final whistle of success.

As I study my diary and as I ‘plan to plan’ the last few weeks of my degree, I can’t help but take a cross sectional view on the big bad jobs market and its competition, and ask myself, is age a game changer?

The optimistic side of me looks at this from an advantageous stance, considering ‘life’ ‘experience’ and certainly a crowded graduate CV, nothing but a positive attribute and certainly one that gives the competitive advantage.

However, following my last encouraging and up beat blog, I bring things back down to earth slightly and crowd source opinion on the split vote matter.

I have once been…

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