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Is the focus on education in Canterbury to blame for the lack of jobs available?

on March 18, 2014


StudyingStudying math. Credit to: Steven S. CC license agreement.

The vast amount of educational buildings in Canterbury is overwhelming, and the focus on education is a characteristic that the city take pride in. That, combined with the population doubling at the start of each academic year seems to set a good foundation for full-time employment.

But recent statistics published by Kent County council suggest otherwise. See the statistics here.

30.9% of employment in Canterbury is in the education, health and public administration sector. But the prospect of getting a job is one that daunts residents of Canterbury.

Antonella Rodi, 19, a student, said: “No where will accept me, they want experience.” See the full interview below.

Porshia Boafo, 19, a student at CCCU said: “When I eventually found a job, I realised it was in Ashford. Every Friday and Sunday, I spend half my day travelling back…

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