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Jesse get down!

on March 18, 2014

coffee barefoot

So here I am again at a crossroads. There’s a lot of paths that are being offered to me and it’s difficult to choose which ones I want to walk. I’ve found that often times in life we are bottle-necked into only seeing 2 or 3 choices that can be made, when in reality there are so many more. Granted, some of those choices are just awful life decisions, but the others? They open up even more doors that reveal entire corridors to get lost in. Life is not a straight road, or even a divergence of many roads. It’s a maze with hidden places, elaborate candelabras, and a chute filled with snakes that takes you right back to the beginning…or the wine cellar. Every good maze should have a wine cellar. The true challenge is seeing the bookcase swing open when you pulled on that candlestick.

 Except…every now and…

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