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Jobs + Applications = Stress

on March 18, 2014

Ria's Writings

I’ve spent the last hour or so applying for jobs, any job that I could find. I’ve been going on all different sites looking for available jobs, opening every one I find in a new tab ready to apply for it. Scrolling through all these jobs I was thinking to myself why haven’t I been applying for jobs? Why did I stop applying? Completely at a loss with myself I decided to continue on the job hunt, finally deciding that I have enough tabs with jobs open I started to fill in the applications.

I first started on the Mcdonalds application; I honestly did not care that it was Mcdonalds, I just need a job and if that means working at Mcdonalds so be it. I start filling out this application and it’s going great until I get to this question: “What’s your proudest accomplishment to date?” Um, what? I’m…

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