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Long-termism and job creation

on March 18, 2014

The Last Corncrake


This corner of Ireland looked a lot different a long time ago. The hills were dotted with ring-forts, each with their own clan and Chieftains, or Taoisigh if you will. Democracy wasn’t a word or even a notion, the landscape was covered in native trees and I’m guessing that life was tough, damp and short. The people of back then had the same needs; food, shelter, warmth and the hope that their kids would grow up healthy and maybe fall into the Bronze Age equivalent of accountancy to see their aging parents through their dotage. The upland blanket bogs, of which Donegal has more than its fair share, didn’t exist. I’m often amused by the latest EU directives about preserving the natural heritage and landscape. The ‘natural’ landscape of the Derryveaghs isn’t natural. The Chieftans and their families cut down all the trees 3000 years ago to keep warm. The…

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