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My Life’s Motivation in One Drawing.

on March 18, 2014

Girl Growing Brighter

venn diagram

I wish I could take credit for this but I saw it first somewhere on the Internets and it’s never left my brain since.

I drew this out for my friend Eddie.

Sample Conversation from recent days:

Well-Intentioned Friend: “Elisa, why would you quit your amazing 9-5 job in order to become a starving artist?”

Me:  “See where my job falls on the Venn Diagram? [points to the “stay away”]… It’s never gonna get me to bliss…. On the other hand, I’m just going to move into this section [gestures to “get better at this”].”

Friends, March is a beautiful month in San Francisco!  Lots of promises, blooming trees, and forward movement.  Now is the time to live.

Where are you on the Venn Diagram?



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