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Oh… What Will You Do With That?

on March 18, 2014

There Will Be An Answer.


Whenever I come home from school and see anyone, and I mean ANYONE, that I have some sort of remote connection to I always brace myself for the impending question storm about to ensue. “What is your major?” “What does that mean?” “What kind of job will you get with that?”. As a student who attends a liberal arts school and is majoring in a, well, liberal art- Sustainable Development- I often find myself replying with snide remarks and resentment for the person asking about me. I realize that they are just trying to “connect” with me and “learn” about what I am doing with my life but I can’t help but feel the judgement and concern when they 1.Obviously don’t understand my major, and 2. Don’t think it will make any money.

Young and foolish, I believe that I will make some sort of positive change on the world that…

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