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Soft Skills for Interviewing- Recruiters and candidate’s secrets

on March 18, 2014

Empyrean Consulting, Inc.


Assessing “Soft Skills”
Information from our recruiter
Melanie Kirk

Remember from the Interviewing Guideline Sheet-Research has shown that interviewing is an unreliable predictor of job performance. Decisions are made too quickly or are biased by a number of factors. Independent raters often disagree in their evaluation of the same candidate. While interviews may never be a highly valued predictor of success, a few basic guidelines will improve their predictive power.

I. Questions to reveal Integrity/Honesty/Trustworthiness

1. Discuss a time when your integrity was challenged.
2. What would you do if someone asked you to do something against company values or your own values?
3. Have you ever experienced a loss for doing what is right?
4. In what business situations do you feel honesty would be appropriate?
5. If you saw a co-worker do something dishonest, would you tell your boss? What would you do about it?

II. Questions to…

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