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Stupid Things Said and Done: Stories from the Interview Trenches

on March 18, 2014

Murphy's Law of Recruiting

If you interview enough people over the years you’re going to accumulate some interesting stories about what NOT to do in an interview.  The following is an incomplete list of crazy things that candidates have said and done in an interview setting, as well as highly inappropriate, and downright dumb moves we’ve heard that interviewers have made over the years.  In addition to their entertainment value, these anecdotes may teach us how to avoid making embarrassing mistakes and committing what we used to refer to at Merck as CLM’s (Career Limiting Moves).

Silly Candidate Stories

A candidate with a PhD and several years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry as a Medical Science Liaison once showed up at an interview I arranged wearing a Moo-Moo dress and Birkenstocks, and carrying a Jansport backpack holding her resume and her slide presentation.  She was 10 minutes late to the first interview and…

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