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What’s behind Ontario’s job market woes (hint: not the recession)

on March 18, 2014

Global News

  • 23 per cent of unemployed Ontarians have been out of work for 27 weeks or more.
  • 32 per cent of those working part-time would prefer full-time work.
  • 28 per cent of Ontario’s unemployed receive EI.

Ontario’s labour dysfunction is more than a recessionary ripple effect, a new paper finds: It’s been more than a decade in the making.

If you’re working, you’re more likely to be underemployed; if you’re unemployed, your chances of being unemployed for a long time have grown even as the percentage of jobless people covered by EI shrinks.

‘It’s been a slow-moving train’

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives economist Kaylie Tiessen set out to study the recession’s impacts on Ontario workers. She quickly realized she’d have to alter her time frame.

“It’s been a slow-moving train that’s been coming for some time,” she said.

Many of the trends she found date back to the turn of…

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