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When you should DEFINITELY send a Thank-You Card.

on March 18, 2014

The Millennial Muse

Even though I was drilled to remember this during school, I always thought Thank-You cards were archaic after interviews, similar to learning cursive, or the fact that “objectives” on resumes are completely obsolete now.

In an informational interview, I asked one hiring manager what she thought of Thank You cards, to which she replied that she thought they were “Kiss-ass-y.” To me, it was just inconvenient. I barely ever send letters, so I don’t even have stamps or envelopes. This might sound crazy to you, but many of my friends are the same way. To send a letter, we usually have to physically go the post office and send it after going to the store and picking out a card. I would want to send it priority mail, because usually the hiring decisions are happening quickly, and if the hiring manager doesn’t get it in time, it might be a…

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