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You’re Looking at It Wrong — Why the Web Demands Vertical Screens

on March 18, 2014


The web has evolved to be seen vertically, not horizontally. Our screen approach has not kept up.
The first person to twist apart an Oreo, or sit backwards in a chair, or pretend a tennis racket was a guitar — visionaries who recognized that everyday objects used by the masses have higher callings.

I’ve joined them by turning my widescreen monitor vertically.

To be clear, I did not invent this idea. People have been rotating monitors 90 degrees since the widescreen was invented. I have just joined them as an acolyte of the modern Internet.

We’re a left-to-right kind of culture, in general. Cavemen painted left to right and Medieval artists wove tapestries left to right. But at some point, the Internet began to grow vertically — into the feed mentality that dominates almost every website. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, it goes up and…

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